from “Сибирский цирюльник” (“The Barber of Siberia”)

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T A G S:  The Barber of Siberia  

The Barber of Siberia Movie Poster by Lafar88

T A G S:  The Barber of Siberia  

"I am so glad you love Violet so much, these nominations keep Violet from kicking the bucket."

— - Maggie Smith, on her Emmy nomination as Best Supporting Actress for Downton Abbey (x)
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T A G S:  Maggie Smith  

Pedro Pascal in Shakespeare in the Park production of “Much Ado About Nothing” (x)

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T A G S:  Much Ado About Nothing  
T A G S:  Toby Stephens  
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T A G S:  Jane Eyre  

Mr. Darcy? I could more easily forgive his vanity had he not wounded mine. But no matter. I doubt we shall ever speak again. 

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T A G S:  pride and prejudice  
T A G S:  Twelfth Night    Imogen Stubbs    Helena Bonham Carter    my edit  
T A G S:  Jane Eyre    Toby Stephens    Mr. Rochester    Toby > Michael    my edit  

Beauty Is a Witch | Joss WhedonMuch Ado About Nothing

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T A G S:  Much ado about nothing